Saturday, November 15, 2008

there's a twenty pound bird in my freezer

i don't think i've mentioned yet that we are doing thanksgiving at our house this year. LH's family and my family are all coming into town, minus my sister-in-law and her gang who just have to far to go and too many kids to tote all the way out to us. some people might get freaked out by having so much family in their house at once, but i'm stoked. i've been planning the menus and table decorations and every little bit for months now.

yesterday, i went to the commissary to get everything but the produce for our thanksgiving week. i was officially THAT lady walking around with the shopping cart stuffed as full as it could possibly get. after every aisle, i would pull my cart over to the side and try to rearrange everything so it would fit in there better. i'm sure everyone was looking at me and thinking, "oh that poor girl. her husband must be at home watching her ten children while she does the grocery shopping." my pregnant belly and high heel shoes probably didn't help the situation at all, especially when i practically had to get a running start to get the cart moving.

as silly as it sounds, i had a lot of fun putting all of the groceries away. i love organizing things... any excuse to rearrange the refrigerator or pantry makes me happy. i even had to use the top shelf in pantry that i usually reserve just for extra foil, baggies and paper plates. if i have time and think about it later, i'll take a picture and post it on here. has anyone else done their thanksgiving shopping yet? are any of you entertaining this year?


blunoz said...

Wow. First ironing your sheets, and now you confess you ENJOY putting groceries away??? :-)

No, we haven't done our thanksgiving shopping yet. We're waiting on responses from a couple of people we invited to come to our house. If they aren't coming, we've been invited to someone else's house.

One thing is for sure, we WON'T do Thanksgiving ALONE. We tried that ONCE. My wife made this huge awesome Thanksgiving FEAST. She spent days preparing it all. We spent like 10 minutes devouring it all. Then the two of us had to spend hours cleaning it all up. That year, we learned the key to a successful Thanksgiving feast is LOTS of people - other people to make side dishes (and take them home afterward), and other people to help CLEAN UP so the cleanup is done in 30 minutes instead of three hours.

Glad to hear you have people coming over and that you've got your shopping done. You'll have a great time!

Laura said...

For me, putting away groceries is even WORSE than actually grocery shopping - and that's saying a lot, because I HATE grocery shopping. ;) I think it would be a lot more enjoyable if I actually had more room, or a fridge bigger than a shoe. Trying to put things away just reinforces how grumpy I am with all the space I don't have. ;)

One Crazy Adventure said...

Heehee. I think I have mentioned before that it takes me just as long to grocery shop as it does to put everything away. I am with you... there is nothing like organizing. Cheers to weirdos like us! :)

We are heading down to Jacksonville for Thanksgiving to be with our great friends we met in Guam. Happy entertaining!